Steam Client Will Soon Let You Hide Games -- What Games Will You Hide?

Valve introduces "Hide this game in my library" functionality.

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[UPDATE] According to Valve's official notes about the latest Steam Client beta, games you mark as "hidden" will still appear on your profile.

"Add 'Hide this game in my library' functionality, accessible from the Set Categories menu. Games that are hidden will not show up in library filters except for a new filter called 'Hidden,' which will only appear once at least one game is marked as hidden. Hidden games are still available for play and will still appear on the user's profile."

The original story is below.

Valve's Steam PC platform is introducing a new "hide my games" feature that will allow the service's 75 million+ users to keep their guilty pleasures a secret. A new update to Steam's desktop client introduces the feature, and you can access it in the "Set Categories" menu. Once you have chosen to hide a game, it will show up in the new hidden menu.

PC Gamer reports that the Steam client update also includes a range of other features and tweaks, the first of which is a general update to the interface. Colors have been shifted slightly, and common controls have been simplified. The client update also fixes various crash issues.

You can see all the changes to Steam coming through the update on Valve's website here. And you can sign up for Steam beta testing by following these instructions.

Electronic Art's Origin platform for PC already lets players hide their games if they want to. In fact, Origin users have had this option since 2012, when it was introduced in Origin update 8.5.0.

Do you plan to hide some of your gaming activity on Steam? Let us know which games you'll hide in the comments below!

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