Steam casts Shadowgrounds

Meridian4's PC shooter will be available via Valve's digital download service in May for $25.


Valve's digital download service, Steam, is often seen as a blueprint for the future of game distribution, something that most analysts agree will become standard someday. Several games have already appeared on Steam as the service expands its roster of games, including Half-Life 2, Darwinia, and Counter-Strike: Source. Today, publisher Meridian4 and Valve announced the latest title available on Steam. Shadowgrounds, developed by Helsinki-based Frozenbyte, will be ready for download in early May for $24.95. The game is rated M for Mature and was released earlier this year in April.

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Early adopters of Steam got burned, but that was years ago. Steam is pretty much all fine and stable now, and not obnoxious. Hard to fault it. It's just functional. Click the 'My Games' list down to mini-mode and it's all good. I have HL 2, Darwinia, Red Orchestra, HL 1: Source, and now SiN Episodes pre-download on my Steam. I wish Shadowgrounds was $19.99. That'd make it so much sweeter a price point for what it is!

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It's a damn fun game, worth $25 easy.

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Why do so many of you idiots care if your post is first? A very sad life it must be.

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I'm just waiting for steam to come out on my 360 XD

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I hate steam. As hard as I have tried to like it, I can't do it.

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steam is the way of the future... i love it

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steam totally destroyed my computer (this was when it first came out so no big deal) now it runs sweet as....uh....sugar...syrup......mmm

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steam is cool

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It doesn't suck that much but its an okay game. But perosnally I would rather buy it from a store instead of download it via steam.

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Played the demo - this game blows! Don't believe me ? Then download it! I warned you!

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game looks sweet. Reminds me of the mod for UT2k4 called Alien Swarm, which was bad@ss. Of course Alien Swarm had 8 player coop which I doubt this has.

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There's a demo of Shadowgrounds on Filecloud: << LINK REMOVED >> as well as on other file sites. Go Steam!!

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steam is awesome

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^Wha? My Steam runs beautifully...

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This would be great... if steam ever worked properly.

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$25 ain't bad

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Another Steam Game I have no interest to buy.

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yes, the awsome power of steam...unless it turns on you, but luckily that doesnt seem to happen too much anymore. it turned on me once, and i was about to get the problem fixed, but then of course my computers HD died after only 2 years of use.... ='(

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More convert to the awesom power of steam...