Steam boasts 10 million new users in the last three months

Steam's userbase now sits at a whopping 75 million.

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Valve has announced that Steam saw 10 million new users register for the service in the past three months, with the PC digital distribution platform now boasting 75 million users overall.

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The company also broke down its 2013 sales by region, with North America accounting for 41 percent of sales on the service. Western Europe followed in second, with 40 percent. Valve also pointed to strong growth in Russia and Brazil, with sales increasing in those territories by 128 percent and 75 percent respectively.

These figures were reported by attendees of the Steam Dev Days Conference, which is currently being held in Seattle. The event is for developers looking to publish on the Steam platform, and interested in its upcoming suite of Steam Machines.

Elsewhere in the Steam Dev Days Conference, it was revealed that Valve has tweaked the design of its unique Steam Controller ever so slightly.

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Impressive, most impressive. It's also interesting to see that Western Europe makes up almost as large a market as North America. North America, and USA in particular, might be big, but the rest of the world also counts for something when sales numbers are involved. Just because you don't make a hit in the USA doesn't mean you won't be successful.

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"butbutbutbut PC Gaming is dead! Its not fair they have choice while we dont!"

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Ffs Gamespot disable this Facebook crap, those commenters can't see anybody replying to them here anyway, it's just clutter.

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OMG... Steam can build its own state and super power.

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So when M$ said they are not worried about Steam.. Continue with your high ego and your outdated DX11 M$hit.

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So, 9,9 wanna try Dota, the rest just wanna go VAC secure for CS 1.6.

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To think, 49 million of these reported Steam users are South Korea based bots who trawl MMO chat channels trying to sell currency and Ubuntu's Master Sword of Sarcasm (etc).

I built a gaming PC inside my refrigerator this week. Heroic idea! No fans. Liquid Cooling in Excelcis! CPU idles at 5 degrees. :)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The moisture from a fridge will fry that PC inside of a week

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>No no, I sealed and wrapped it with French kleenex ... the thick super-absorbent stuff.

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I want a Steam Box that looks like a C64. I know a computer modeled after the C64 already exists/existed, but I don't think that one was any good for gaming.

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Just a guess but could this number be inflated because some people joined just to have a chance to beta test their steam box... Just a thought.

I already had an account but did not use it for a while until i seen the beta access. Across the forums the most popular topics were people trying to get the minimum requirements for the beta quickly. Like friends list and such...

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Massive support for the best service on the best platform. Good to hear. Not surprising at all that a lot of growth is from russia. Those people are evrywhere nowadays flooding every holiday location and i think most of these upcoming russians prefer pc.

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Pie chart is either a peace symbol or Western Europe and North America eating the rest of the world ala Pac-Man

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Pretty remarkable numbers. Bravo Gabe.

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STEAM and PC isnt just a king , not even a emperor, but GOD GODLIKE MASTER GLORIOUS SUPERIOR RACE OF PC!

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PC gaming is dead? So the king is dead, long live the king!

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browsing the web for useless game related trivia again, Martin?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> AKA Video Game News

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> hahahahaha