Steam app for iOS, Android now available to all

Valve's mobile application exits beta stage, now available for all Steam users to download and take on the go.


Gamers can now keep tabs on Valve's Steam network from their mobile phones. Valve today launched the Steam mobile app for the service's 40 million users across the globe.

Gamers can now take Steam with them everywhere they go.
Gamers can now take Steam with them everywhere they go.

The free Steam application is currently available to download for iOS and Android devices through iTunes and the Android Marketplace, respectively.

The application allows users to chat with their Steam friends, browse community groups and profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content, read news, and make purchases via the Steam store.

With its new mobile app, Valve joins the likes of Bungie, Microsoft, Activision, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, and others in offering an on-the-go dedicated application for its service.

For more on the Steam app, check out GameSpot's video preview of the mobile service, embedded below.

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