Steam Adds Additional Support For Xbox And PS5 Controllers

Xbox Elite controllers finally get paddle support in the latest Steam beta client.


Steam developer Valve has begun rolling out additional support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers, giving you more customization options for input mapping.

The biggest change makes the Xbox One Elite Series 2 more useful when played with games via Steam, with the rear paddle buttons now available for mapping. Valve has also added support for the new revision of Xbox controllers that include the share button, which can now also be mapped for any function in-game.

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Both controllers will also benefit from added support for rumble triggers, which can now be used on supported titles. Additionally, four Xbox controllers can now be recognized at once for local multiplayer titles.

The update does less for the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller. The update allows you to toggle the controller's LED, choosing between a static on and off or a dynamic mode that only activates the LEDs if more than one controller is connected at a time. It's not as extensive as the Xbox support, but it does show that Valve is still working with the DualSense on some level. Perhaps support for its unique haptic triggers might come.

The update is only out on Steam's beta client for now but should be incorporated into the release client soon. If you are using the beta, Valve recommends manually updating the controller driver and restarting your PC if you're having trouble with functionality.

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