State to Korean fOu house to train

ROOT Gaming's Ryan 'State' Visbeck will be heading to Korea to train with the fOu StarCraft 2 players.


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Lee 'Choya' Hyung Seop, Head Coach of Korean StarCraft II and Dota 2 team fOu, announced late last night via that ROOT Gaming's Ryan 'State' Visbeck would be coming to stay and train with the team.

Visbeck, who currently writes a blog for GameFront, penned in an official statement:

"Hey all,

Starting this December, I will begin training at Team fOu house in Korea. I’ll remain a part of ROOT Gaming, and I’ll also continue to write here on Game Front in “State on StarCraft”.

This has been an amazing year. I’d almost left the game for college when the World Championship Series and SHOUTcraft America brought me back. The opportunity to train and compete in Korea is a goal I’ve been working towards all year long.

I’m very excited for the new opportunities that living in Korea will create for State on StarCraft. I’ll continue to release my strategy guides and replay packs, but now I’ll have the ability to cover the GSL in person.

I am thrilled to return to Korea and I’m incredibly grateful to fOu for this new opportunity. I’m also looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you. Thanks to Game Front, ROOT Gaming and fOu for allowing me to pursue my dream!"

Visbeck is largely regarded as one of the most talented North American StarCraft players, but has struggled with nerve issues in big matches in the past.

Photo Credit: Kevin Chang/Team Liquid

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