State of Decay getting 1080p remaster for Xbox One

Xbox 360 zombie hit moves to Xbox One in Spring 2015.


Xbox Live Arcade hit State of Decay is getting a significant makeover, with a remaster of the game confirmed for launch for the Xbox One and PC sometime in spring 2015.

State of Decay Year One Survival Edition will improve on the visuals of game, bundle in the two DLC releases (Lifeline and Breakdown), and introduce some new gameplay elements to the core State of Decay game. The game will also run at 1080p, compared to the 720p of the original Xbox 360 version.

"We wanted to address some of the animations, generally do a lot of polish on that, and just generally improve on the environment textures," Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs said.

"We're also taking some of the base management features from the Lifeline DLC and integrating that into the core game, and also taking some of the heroes and characters that were introduced and allowing them to be playable characters from Lifeline and Breakdown as well. And we're going to be bundling Lifeline and Breakdown as well. So this will be the definitive edition of State of Decay." Undead Labs has confirmed that Lifeline characters like Major Alicia Hawkes, Sergeant Kilohana "Kilo" Young, Private Royell "Vince" Vincent, and Sergeant Kelly "Sasquatch" Eldridge will be Lifeline characters that will be brought over to the main State of Decay game.

Strain also gave some cryptic clues about the future of the State of Decay franchise, hinting more was to come. "This is the first next-gen step for the State of Decay franchise. Obviously we have big plans for this franchise going forward into the future, and getting it here gets us to the baseline we need to be to start pursuing that."

State of Decay Year One Survival Edition will be released in spring 2015 digitally on the Xbox One and Steam, as well as a boxed retail version for the Xbox One.

Check out some screens from the remastered State of Decay below.

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