State Of Decay 2 For Xbox One And PC Won't Have Microtransactions


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State of Decay 2 will buck an industry trend and not feature any microtransactions, apparently. Jeff Strain, the studio head of developer Undead Labs, confirmed this to IGN in an interview. The story doesn't feature any quotes from Strain, but the report says "there won't be any microtransactions" in the zombie game.

This is notable because many games, from developers big and small, feature microtransactions as a way to pull in more money beyond the initial purchase price.

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The original State of Decay for Xbox 360 features some microtransactions; one of these is the "Prepper's Pack" for 99 cents. It includes a gun, an SUV, and a melee weapon. While not a microtransaction per se, State of Decay also offered extra content to buy in the form of the Lifeline expansion (which was later bundled with the Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One).

There is no word on why Undead Labs is electing not to offer microtransactions in the sequel. But it may have something to do with the controversy around the business practice that re-emerged after Star Wars: Battlefront II last year.

State of Decay 2, which launches in May for Xbox One and PC, will also sell multiple DLC packs after launch, while those who pre-order will get "exclusive" items. The game's standard edition goes for $30, while the Ultimate Edition (which includes the expansions) will sell for $50. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play State of Decay 2 at no extra cost, as all Microsoft-published games going forward will launch into the Xbox Game Pass library.

While State of Decay 2 may not feature any microtransactions, plenty of other games do, and the business practice is not going away. For lots more on everything you need to know about microtransactions, you can check out GameSpot's explainer here.

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