Startopia Cam launched

Mucky Foot posts a section on its Web site that posts a new screenshot every minute.



UK-based game developer Mucky Foot Productions has posted a "Startopia Cam" on its official Web site. The cam takes a new screenshot each minute from the most current build of Mucky Foot's upcoming game Startopia, translates the image from a high-resolution TGA file to a 320 x 240 JPG file, and posts the image on the Web site. A counter beneath the image displays the number of seconds left until the next shot is posted. According to Mucky Foot, the images are taken from the test versions of the game as the developers play, so if the game is paused for a few minutes, it is possible the cam will post the same screenshot repeatedly. Mucky Foot also posted a reminder that since the company is based in the UK, people viewing the Web site in other time zones may find the same shot for several hours while the developers are sleeping.

For more information about Startopia, read our in-depth preview of the game and take a look at the new Startopia Cam.

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