Starting Today, GameStop is Selling Retro Consoles and Games

You've always wanted to buy Mike Tyson's Punch Out.


Remember all of those games that you played when you were a kid? Now you can go buy them again. Starting today, GameStop is selling retro games and systems online and in its stores.

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Games are available from six consoles: Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, and the original PlayStation.

Be cautious, however. All of the games being sold in this new program are pre-owned. You'll have to turn to Ebay or another retailer for any mint-condition factory-sealed software you've been looking for.

The most expensive games include:

This marks the beginning of vintage hardware and software sales for the store, which often phases out old games in favor of newer consoles. The store stopped selling PlayStation 2 games in 2013, but began again in March because of high demand.

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