StarTale and Incredible Miracle form coallition for the second round of SK Proleague

Following StarTale's recent decision to slim their operation by cutting off their Dota 2 team, as well as a number of SC2 players. ST's operations will now be handled in conjunction with Incredible Miracle.


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No Caption Provided reported earlier today that one of the most coveted teams in SC2 history, StarTale, will be moving their entire base of operations in to the training facility of Incredible Mircale, and will also collaborate with the team in order to participate in the ongoing season of the SK Proleague.

Last month, StarTale went through a dramatic restructuring of their entire operation and released their highly revered Dota 2 team, as well as looking to operate from a new, smaller training facility. Whether this means that the ST brand will be absorbed is not yet clear, but the current plan, according to IM head coach 'Hirai' is to make the new roster a force in the Proleague: "Through round 1, we've completed our adjustment to a new league. IM players are performing well in individual tournaments, and the addition of Startale players will make the team ever stronger."

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