Starsky & Hutch E3 2003 Preshow Report

Empire Interactive is working on a driving game based on the popular '70s cop show.


Anyone with memories of the classic ‘70s TV show Starsky & Hutch probably remembers it most fondly for its heavy focus on ludicrous car-chase sequences. This very aspect of the series is the centerpiece for Gotham Games’ Starsky & Hutch, a driving game that will allow you to get behind the wheel of the show’s famous 1974 Ford Torino and take on Bay City’s seedy criminal element.

Starsky & Hutch will play almost like a behind-the-scenes TV-show simulation. The idea will be to try and provide the most action possible, in order to keep your fictional TV audience entertained. If your driving and shooting skills manage to impress, your audience will continue to grow. However, if the action becomes stagnant, the show will be canceled. The game will feature 18 levels in all, each set up as a different episode of the show, spread over three possible seasons. Additional weapons, cars, and extras can be unlocked throughout the game’s missions.

The gameplay in Starsky & Hutch will revolve around being able to control both the Starsky and Hutch characters when driving around the city. Starsky will remain behind the wheel at all times, and Hutch will act as the gunman, using his .357 Magnum to mow down enemies. This method of play will also be available in a two-player co-op mode, with one player doing the driving and the other doing the shooting. The game will feature advanced car physics and real-time city environments to explore. Bay City itself will be cover approximately 10 square miles, with more than 150 miles of road to navigate. On the audio front, the game will contain numerous authentic sound effects and an original ‘70s music score. Voice-over work will be provided by Antonio Fargas, the actor who played Huggy Bear on the show.

Though Starsky & Hutch was initially announced for all three console platforms, the PC, and the GBA, no mention was made of the GameCube or GBA versions of the game in the press info provided. We will provide more coverage on the status of these versions of the game as information becomes available. The PC, Xbox, and PS2 versions of Starsky & Hutch are scheduled for release in the fall.

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