Starship Troopers deploys in November

Empire Interactive's galactic bug-killer will hit PCs later than expected; demo in the works.


When Paul Verhoeven decided to make the movie Starship Troopers, based on the Robert Heinlein novel, sci-fi gluttons salivated at the many helpings of visceral violence that followed human forces taking on an insectoid alien race bent on destroying mankind. Gamers also saw an opportunity to be a part of Rico's Roughnecks, so they welcomed the announcement of Hasbro Interactive's 2000 PC game Starship Troopers.

Unfortunately, the strategy game didn't quite win over critics or sci-fi gamers. Not wanting to see a good license go to waste, Empire Interactive and developer Strangelite decided to give their own spin on the sci-fi setting by putting their version of a first-person Starship Troopers into works.

In a recent forum post on the Starship Troopers thread of Empire's Web site, a forum administrator revealed some info on the game's release date. The UK population will reportedly get its hands on the game first, on October 26. A rep from Empire Interactive told GameSpot that the game will come to America in November.

For those who can't wait until November to try their hand at blowing away some invading insects, GameSpot has been told "The Starship Troopers demo is planned for release in September."

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