Stars! Supernova Screens

We get a sneak peek at the sequel to Mare Crisium's Stars!


Empire Interactive and Mare Crisium studios gave us a peek at the sequel to the Stars! series, Stars! Supernova. The game, which is scheduled for release in October and is currently entering beta stage, features a large number of improvements over its predecessor. The company believes the game will give turn-based space-strategy fans exactly what they have been looking for.

Mare Crisium expects the game to appeal to both novice and veteran strategy gamers, and to achieve this the company has created a game that offers an extremely wide range of options. Fully customizable games include everything from short campaign-type games for a single player to long-term Internet-based games for up to 16 players. The game also offers customizable rules to allow for any number of victory conditions, in addition to featuring a level of complexity in race creation, ship and production management, and combat that any hard-core strategy fan will appreciate. The game will let new players avoid unnecessary complexity by using pre-created races and ships.

Another notable improvement expected to be found in Stars! Supernova is an advanced artificial intelligence that will allow players to avoid the majority of micromanagement and only scrutinize and fine-tune the details they are interested in. Additional improvements in graphics and art can be seen in the screenshots.

The company expects the game to have a high level of replayability and a longer-than-normal life span due to its versatility in game creation and customization. According to Mare Crisium, Stars! Supernova achieves more depth and complexity than Stars! while improving playability. We'll have to wait and see if the game will live up to the high expectations of its creators. Until then, take a look at these screenshots.

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