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Starlink: Battle For Atlas Buying Guide (US Only)

Prepare for battle.


Starlink: Battle For Atlas is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game lets you pilot a space ship through a massive solar system, landing on and exploring seven varied planets aswarm with enemies. The game itself is like a family-friendly No Man's Sky mixed with Star Fox (in fact, the Switch version even has a Star Fox crossover).

It also features a whole toys-to-life aspect that lets you change out parts of your in-game ship just by swapping pieces of a toy line that launches alongside the game. These can get kind of confusing, but we'll guide you through the whole line of toys below.

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If you're ready to buy Starlink: Battle for Atlas, you may have a few questions about how it all works and what you'll need. You can relax and read on because we have you covered below.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Edition

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The starter edition of Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes with everything you need to play the game. You get a ship, a controller mount, a pilot, three weapons, and a poster. once you have that, you're all set.

The game is also available from digital stores in both standard and deluxe editions. These versions don't come with any accompanying toys, but they're still fully playable because you can swap out pilots and ship parts from an in-game menu. The deluxe edition comes with digital versions of all of the ships, pilots, and weapons.

Starship Packs

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Each starship pack costs $25 and comes with a ship, a pilot, and a weapon. The packs aren't console-specific, so they'll work with any version of the game.

Weapon Packs

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Each weapon pack costs $10 and comes with two additional weapons you can switch out at any time while playing the game.

Pilot Packs

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Pilot packs cost $8 each contain one pilot. Every pilot has a unique ability in the game.

Co-op Packs

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Co-op packs are just controller mounts you can clip onto second controller to play with another person locally. They each cost $20, and all ships, weapons, and pilots are sold separately.

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