Starlancer Ships

Crave ships its online multiplayer Dreamcast shooter.


Crave Entertainment has shipped StarLancer for the Sega Dreamcast. This first-person space combat game puts the player in one of more than a dozen different spacecraft, each of which has its own custom weaponry including nova cannons, pulse lasers, and jackhammer missiles. In addition to the single-player game, players can compete online in StarLancer over SegaNet.

"The Dreamcast's Internet capabilities lead the way for next-generation console gaming," said Martin Spiess, senior vice president of global marketing at Crave Entertainment. "With its incredible single-player storyline and the online multiplayer option, StarLancer is among the first to take full advantage of this capability - the results are amazing."

StarLancer was developed by the creators of the popular Wing Commander and Privateer series.

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