Starhawk arriving May 8, open beta starts today

Lightbox Interactive's PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter hitting store shelves this May; beta now available for PlayStation Plus subscribers.



When Starhawk was officially announced last year, it was scheduled to arrive in early 2012. However, the game isn't going to make that window, as Sony today announced the shooter is touching down on May 8, 2012.

Starhawk takes up arms this May for the PS3.
Starhawk takes up arms this May for the PS3.

Starhawk is a successor to 2007's PlayStation Network downloadable third-person shooter Warhawk. Unlike its predecessor, Lightbox Interactive's Starhawk will include a single-player campaign in addition to its multiplayer component. A new mechanic to the series will allow on-the-fly building of structures on the battlefield, and the jetlike Hawks return to join a host of other vehicles, including mechs and other cars.

Gamers won't need to wait until May to get into the third-person shooter. An open beta for the game started today, with PlayStation Plus subscribers (and former closed beta participants) being the first members in.

For more on Starhawk, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on preview of the game.

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