Stargirl Season 2: A Couple Major Villains Are Coming Back

During DC FanDome, we learned more about Season 2 of the CW series, including Grundy's on-set fill-in.


The first season of Stargirl wrapped up on CW, and more is coming with Season 2, which we may get to see in late 2021. However, we already know what's coming down the line for the series as the cast and crew teased the return of some JSA villains during a DC FanDome panel.

Spoilers for the end of the first season coming up, so consider this your final warning. In the season finale of Stargirl, the villainous Solomon Grundy is released, damages STRIPE and Hourman takes Grundy down. However, if you're familiar with Grundy from the comic books, you know he just comes back again and again and again. The same can be said for Grundy on Stargirl.

"I'm excited for people to see more Grundy," said executive producer Geoff Johns. "He's not gone, just yet. Cameron [Gellman] knows where we're gonna do with Grundy. So [there are] cool story ideas for Grundy coming up."

Johns also went on to say Eclipso's reveal at the end of Season 1 was very important, so we'll obviously be seeing the character--who is a magical being that is the manifestation of God's wrath in the comics--a whole lot more in Season 2.

However, the final fight sequence in Season 1 with Gellman's Hourman character and the fully-CG Grundy was a little bit of a challenge to film. "I had a big green pickle with a sad face on it," Gellman explains. "And that was my Grundy. And so thankfully I had something to hit, and I had the amazing stunts team, advising me on how to get power in his punches but yeah I had a green pickle."

Moderator Lea Thompson, who also directed Episode 7 of the first season, gave Gellman some encouraging words. "I always think there should be a special Emmy or Academy Award for trying to perform with a big, green pickle."

"It's so much harder," Gellman continued. "It was sad. I had a sad face that distracted me. It's clearly bummed out, and I'm hitting it. I wish it had an angry face."

There is no current release date for Season 2 of Stargirl, and considering the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed production on many TV shows, there is a good chance it will arrive late in 2021. For more news from DC FanDome, check out info about Doom Patrol Season 3, the future of Harley Quinn, Young Justice Season 4, and Batwoman's costume change.

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Saw the first few episodes and it looked like a step up from a cw show, but then again so wasn't Arrow season 1. Now that it's actually on CW I don't have much hope for this show anymore.

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