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Starfield's Massive May Update Is Finally Here, Check Out The Patch Notes

With a bevy of new features and ways to tweak gameplay, Starfield's May Update gives players more control over their space-faring adventures than ever before.


Starfield's biggest update since launch is finally here, bringing loads of new quality-of-life features to the game, from new visual performance settings to the ability to tweak combat difficulty and ship cargo space.

First announced earlier this month, Starfield's May Update (as Bethesda calls it) includes new ways for players to tweak the game to their liking. Players who are struggling with interstellar dogfights but finding ground combat too easy can now tweak those combat difficulty settings individually, making space combat easier and ground combat harder, or vice versa. Additionally, players who find the "Very Hard" difficulty level too easy and are hungry for a more intense combat experience can try out the new "Extreme" difficulty mode instead, which promises a high-octane challenge.

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The May Update also includes new performance options for players who are exploring the stars via an Xbox Series X. Series X can now choose between 30fps 40fps, 60fps, or an uncapped frame rate, provided they have a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) display running 120hz. But all is not lost for those without a VRR display--players with lower-quality displayers will still be able to select either 30fps or 60fps, and all Series X players now have access to a setting that allows them to prioritize visual performance over gameplay performance, and vice versa. A large number of bugs--especially those affecting the game's many quests--have also been addressed via the new update.

Though the May Update doesn't include vehicles for quicker groundside travel, Bethesda confirmed earlier this month that ground vehicles are indeed in the works, but the developer declined to share information regarding when those vehicles will become available to players. It's possible the new ground vehicles will launch around the same time as Starfield's upcoming Shattered Space expansion, which is set to arrive sometime this fall.

For a closer look at everything Starfield's massive May Update has to offer, check out the full patch notes below.




  • General Stability and Performance improvements.
  • General improvements for Character fleeing, avoidance and pathfinding.
  • Fixed various issues with object placement.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a ship's maximum shield capacity to appear decreased after loading a save with certain assigned crew.
  • Fixed an issue where invisibility could persist on a companion’s weapon after invisibility effect ended.
  • Scanning flora/fauna XP is now also awarded via harvesting/killing.
  • Resolved an issue with unintended harvest items appearing in flora from blended biomes.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented repeated docking with a previously commandeered ship.
  • Fixed an issue with Class C flight behavior after entering targeting mode while boosting.
  • Addressed an issue that could occur when attempting to dock with a ship as it grav jumps away.
  • Fixed a ship scanner issue that could occasionally display incorrect hostility or crew count.
  • Fixed an issue where docked ships would appear to overlap after loading a save while boarding.
  • Stunned Characters should no longer display the option to talk to them.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause apparel to not display as intended on mannequins.
  • Helmets placed on Mannequins should no longer cull the neck and torso section.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause weapons to duplicate when looting and enemy.
  • Addressed a rare issue that could cause characters to not exit dialogue when attacked.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the dialogue camera to quickly shift focus when exiting conversations.
  • Neon and Ryujin security should be more diligent on arresting the player for criminal behavior.
  • An Autosave should now be created when fast travelling to the player ship if Save on Travel is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with sandstorm hazards not working as intended under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue with weather changing incorrectly when entering a ship.
  • Addressed an issue related to using the Starborn Power 'Inner Demon' on certain Robot models.
  • Resolved a few issues related to loading a save after using 'Phased Time' power.
  • Fixed an issue with lip-sync while ‘Phased Time’ was active.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause legendary Starborn weapons to lose their special effects.
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent storing items in containers aboard the Razorleaf.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause the player to appear as if they were in zero gravity after completing a temple.
  • Fixed an issue with Rifle Certification skill that could prevent faster reloading benefit.
  • Resolved issue with certain weapons not being able to fire immediately after they were aimed.
  • Resolved and issue that could cause melee attacks to occur without animation.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Laser sight emitted from an enemy Magshear.
  • Resolved a weapon visibility issue that could occur when opening the hand scanner with 'Toggle Iron Sight' setting enabled.
  • Fixed a weapon visibility issue that could occur when switching between weapons of different types.
  • Addressed an issue with how the Subtitles from the ECS Constant were displayed.
  • Addressed an issue with gaps appearing on the character when previewing helmets in the Transfer Menu.
  • Resolved and issue that could cause clothing to be seen through the spacesuit after aiming with a scope.
  • Addressed and issue that could cause enemies to receive unintended force when killed.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when killing a seated character.
  • Loading save should retain camera settings.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause quests to have a much longer cooldown than intended.
  • Resolved an issue where UC ships could still send friendly hails to a member of the Crimson Fleet.
  • Fixed areas of Moara's ship where player could become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the desk inside the Ship Services building in Akila to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent random ship encounters from landing on planets in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue with the turn counter on the persuasion minigame when dealing with the Star Parcel Freighter.
  • Ship Service Technicians should now return to their normal location if they had previously wandered away.
  • Players who find their way into Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse should now be able to exit properly.


  • Exterior ship lights should now appear as intended in Photomode and during travel sequences.
  • Fixed various shadow issues (flickering and precision).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the galaxy map to zoom out to an incorrect extent. (PC).
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the ocean to not blend smoothly with the shore.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the screen to be stretched on 16:10 and 32:10 screens with FSR3 in the character editor (PC).
  • Improved the look of depth of field in specific cases.
  • Fixed subtle flickering that could occur on some on highlighted parts in the ship editor.
  • Improved the look of lighting and shadow under trees.
  • Improved wind direction consistency.
  • Fixed an issue causing the glow of stars to be slightly visible through planets.
  • Fixed a few visual artifacts with some VFX.
  • Improved the look of rain ripples on water.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause missing fog to occur while landing in Neon.
  • Improved flickering artifacts sometimes present with upscaling techniques DLSS, FSR, XeSS (PC).
  • Fixed a few flickering and ghosting issues for FSR3 (PC).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game UI to disappear after changing the Borderless Full Screen option when using FSR3 (PC).
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause artifacts during camera transitions.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause missing object highlights in the hand scanner.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause visible rain effects inside a spaceship.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause water to turn white in New Atlantis when using a particle beam.
  • Adjusting a setting option that read as "Off" to now read as "Low Quality" for motion blur.
  • Adjusted the default value for Ship Third Person FOV.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause weapons on racks or in containers to disappear or change upon re-entering the player’s ship.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause robots to appear unassigned after deleting the Outpost Crew Station.
  • Addressed an issue with Cargo Link parts not updating orientation after moving a structure at an Outpost.
  • Removed red outline that could sometimes remain on objects after they were repaired at an outpost.
  • Fixed an issue where changing greenhouse flora types in Outposts could disconnect the water input.
  • Resolved an issue with environmental hazards persisting inside outpost structures built in hazard areas.
  • Fixed an issue where greenhouse plants sometimes didn’t move correctly when the greenhouse was relocated.
  • Fixed issues where stairs could sometimes be deleted when deleting objects placed on them at an outpost.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed the player to reach unintended locations by stacking furniture in Outposts.
  • Resolved an issue with storage container auto foundations appearing where stackable containers already exist in Outposts.
  • Fixed an issue with Outpost wires not moving correctly when a wired structure was moved.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause habitat modules to float when supporting structures were removed.
  • Fixed an issue that could unintentionally affect the ambient audio of Outpost items.
  • Fixed an issue with inner-system cargo ships not unloading resources to capacity.


  • Back to the Grind: Fixed an issue that could cause the camera to unintentionally return to first person when exiting the interview seat with Imogene.
  • Breaking the Bank: Fixed an issue where unselected Dialogue options would incorrectly gray out when talking to Chief Purser Murata.
  • Breach of Contract: Resolved the issue where Dr. Keala may not have been present at the intended location.
  • Crew Encounter: Resolved an issue that could cause Betty Howser to not appear in Jake's bar to be hired.
  • Echoes of the Past: Fixed a rare issue that could cause Delgado to get stuck while traversing the canyon.
  • High Price to Pay: Fixed an issue where progression could halt if a United Colonies character was hit during the escape.
  • Hostile Intelligence: Resolved the issue that could cause the Steam Tunnels to become inaccessible if the mission area was left for a long time.
  • Into the Unknown: Addressed an issue that could cause Vladimir to no longer give the Player Temple locations.
  • Into the Unknown: Fixed a rare issue where the temple location would not populate when receiving the “Go to” objective.
  • Legacy’s End: Fixed an issue that could cause Huan Daiyu to not be positioned as intended at the end of the mission.
  • Legacy's End: Fixed in issue that could cause the Crimson Fleet Prisoners to have incorrect idle lines while standing in the Brig of the Vigilance.
  • Legacy's End: Resolved an issue with returning to the Key if a freed prisoner was killed.
  • Loose Ends: Addressed an issue that could cause the scene between Neshar and Neon Security to not occur as intended.
  • No Sudden Moves: Fixed a rare issue that could cause Petrov to get stuck walking to the artifact.
  • One Small Step: Addressed an issue that could cause Vasco to appear stuck in the floor of a commandeered Crimson Fleet ship.
  • One Small Step: Miners should no longer fire on the player in the Vectera mines.
  • One Small Step: Resolved an issue that could prevent fast travel to the ship from the world boundary.
  • Rook Meets King: Addressed an issue that could cause idle animations to play on a corpse.
  • Sabotage: Fixed an issue that could cause manipulated characters to move in an unintended way.
  • Start-up Stopped: Addressed an issue that sometimes caused the quest not to initiate.
  • The Best There Is: Fixed an issue that could cause player to incorrectly receive an unintended objective.
  • The Devils You Know: Improved where characters were looking in some scenes.
  • The Mantis: Fixed a rare issue that could cause the Razorleaf to disappear.
  • The Old Neighborhood: Addressed an issue that could occur when using area of effect attacks in Moara's ship.
  • War Relics: Addressed an issue that could cause Unit 99 to appear stuck.
  • Left Behind: NPCs will no longer talk about being attacked by wildlife on lifeless planets.
  • Legacy’s End: Resolved an issue that could cause NPCs to be culled depending on where the player is located.
  • Grunt Work: The Terrormorph should no longer get stuck if lured into the room Hadrian is hiding in.

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