Starfield Preloading Is Live

Get ready.


Preloading is officially live for Starfield on all platforms. Whether you're playing through Game Pass or are planning to buy the game on PC or Xbox Series X|S, you can begin downloading the sizable game right now (and read our Starfield review while you wait).

Bethesda recent announced that Starfield had "gone gold," which means it has completed work on the game to get it out the door, though the studio may still be working on optimization and more. Patches for games are commonplace on or near launch day, and in the weeks that follow--particularly with massive role-playing games like Starfield. One such patch recently rolled out for those who had already preloaded, though there's no word on what it includes.

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Starfield was expected to be a large game in terms of file size, and that was confirmed when preloading went live, as you'll need about 126GB on Xbox and 140GB on PC. Starfield's system requirements on PC have also been outlined.

Bethesda and Xbox have confirmed that Starfield will be locked at 30fps on Xbox Series X|S. It will run at 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X and 1440p on the Xbox Series S, but the frame rate will be 30fps for performance consistency. Higher-end PCs will be able to run the game at higher frame rates.

Starfield releases on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game could have been a PS5 exclusive, according to Microsoft, until the Xbox company swept in and bought ZeniMax. All Game Pass subscribers will be able to play the game for no extra cost.

The game's $100 edition unlocks five days early, starting September 1, but there is a $35 premium upgrade that players can purchase to jump in at that time. For more, check out our Starfield preorder guide.

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