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Starfield Players Have Discovered A Loot-Distributing Mud Puddle

This unassuming puddle contains a suspicious amount of freely lootable, valuable goods.


Looking to get rich quick in Starfield? There are plenty of legitimate ways to earn credits in Bethesda's open-world space RPG, or you could search for a seemingly magical puddle of mud containing credits and heaps of valuable items.

As picked up by Kotaku, Starfield players discovered a mysterious puddle outside of Shepard's General Store in Akila City. By swapping to third-person perspective and crouching down, players can freely loot a whole lot of items and credits that look suspiciously similar to Shepard's inventory of goods for sale.

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What is likely going on here is that, like in Skyrim, merchants' inventories are stored in a chest separate to the merchant themselves, to prevent pickpocketing. And just like in Skyrim, these chests are meant to be hidden in locations that aren't accessible to players, but something has happened along the line to make this one lootable from a very specific place and angle.

While the Shepard's chest is the one most players are looting at present, players on Reddit have also discovered a second similar puddle outside Rowland Arms, another store located in Akila City. It's likely that other merchant chests scattered around Starfield's expansive world may also be lootable--though it's also possible that Bethesda will patch this exploit, so you'd better get in quickly.

If you want to build wealth in Starfield in a more legitimate manner, check out our Starfield guides hub for everything you need to know.

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