Starfield Mod Makes Nic Cage's Face Come Out Of Your Flashlight

Don't worry you can install a few other faces on your flashlight if you want.


Bethesda Game Studios' space RPG Starfield has been available for people who pay extra for a few days and the modding community has already created various mods that add new content to the game. Some of these include adding images to your flashlight when turned on.

For some reason, one modder thought the flashlight needed the face of Nicolas Cage to be projected every time you turned it on. To make this even better, the mod only has the center of his face and nothing else, making it both equally creepy and funny. Thankfully, this isn't the only flashlight mod you can install. Because there's another that showcases Xbox boss Phil Spencer's face every time you turn it on, and unlike Nicolas Cage, this one actually shows his full face.

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If you thought these were the only two flashlight modes, you'd be mistaken because you can download a few others. One of which includes the face of the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. There are also at least two other mods that let you shine the Bat Signal every time you turn on your flashlight for those trying to roleplay as space Batman.

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