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Starfield - How To Level Up And Gain XP Fast

Gain a lot of XP quickly to boost your character further in Starfield.


It's important to level up and earn XP in Starfield. Each level you gain also nets you a skill point, which can then be used to unlock new perks. While there are numerous actions and tasks that net a smattering of XP, our guide discusses the ideal methods to help you earn more during your adventures.

How to level up and earn XP in Starfield

Complete major quests and mission board objectives

As with most other role-playing games (RPGs), completing quests nets you experience points. However, Starfield offers not just main quests from the Constellation group, but numerous missions provided by various factions and NPCs. These include the United Colonies Vanguard, Freestar Collective Rangers, Ryujin Industries, and Crimson Fleet.

Even better, you can check out mission boards in cities and in the Lodge's basement. There, you can select additional tasks, such as planetary surveys, elimination targets, cargo delivery, and passenger pick-ups.

Mission board objectives reward XP and credits.
Mission board objectives reward XP and credits.

Visit different planets and scan gas giants

You earn XP in Starfield whenever you visit a new planet. This can be done using the game's fast travel methods. Here are some additional tidbits:

  • A new planet that you visit usually nets you around 20 to 40 XP.
  • Though you can scan most planets, you won't have all the data needed. That's because you still need to land on the surface to scan flora, fauna, and landmarks.
  • However, if you scan gas giants and asteroids, the surveys themselves will count as completed since your ship won't be able to land anyway. Because that's already a complete survey, you'll earn an extra 50 XP or more, and the data can be sold to Vladimir Sall aboard The Eye.
Each new planet that you visit grants a bit of XP.
Each new planet that you visit grants a bit of XP.

Take out enemy ships and soldiers

You can get more XP in Starfield by killing enemies and destroying ships. However, it's actually possible to do both when you're engaging hostile targets in space via the ship boarding mechanic.

Rather than destroying a ship outright, you can cripple its engines, allowing you to dock. Once inside, you can eliminate hostile mercs to gain XP and loot. Then, instead of taking over the spacecraft, simply go back to your own ship and blow up your target. This still nets you a bit of XP.

Board a vessel to take out all the hostile forces inside, then return to your ship to destroy your target.
Board a vessel to take out all the hostile forces inside, then return to your ship to destroy your target.

Well-Rested and Emotional Security buffs

Lastly, don't forget to sleep on your bed every now and then. Sleeping, even for an hour in-game, yields the "Well-Rested" buff, which provides +10% XP gain for 24 minutes. Even better, once you've managed to romance companions, sleeping while your lover is nearby grants the "Emotional Security" buff, a +15% XP gain.

These are just a few ways to earn XP so you can level up in Starfield. Lastly, you can take a look at the console commands that can be used to cheat your way to more XP than ever before.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our guides hub.

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