Starfield Imagined With Unreal Engine 5 Sets A High Bar For Bethesda

There is little official gameplay of Starfield to compare it to, but this fan imagining of what Bethesda's RPG might look like is certainly impressive.


Starfield may be delayed until 2023, but one group of fans has created its own interpretation of what Bethesda's next big RPG may look like were it to use Unreal Engine 5, and it might just make the wait for the official game even harder.

The video, "Imagining Starfield," shows off impressive alien worlds, massive starships, and bustling spaceports, all while a powerful and hopeful score plays in the background. It looks gorgeous, lived-in, and breathtaking all at the same time, and certainly sets a tone.

In the official video description posted by video uploader Enfant Terrible, it's explained that a number of different artists using a number of different tools all helped make the project a reality.

"We're so excited for Starfield we couldn't help but imagine this upcoming game in Unreal," the video description reads. "Take a look at this GREAT footage from different Unreal Engine 5 reels and projects and imagine how the next space opera from Bethesda might possibly look like when it finally comes out."

Starfield won't run on Unreal Engine 5 but rather Bethesda's Creation Engine 2, an evolution of the game engine the studio has previously used for games like Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Those were above average looking games for their time but it's hard to believe Creation Engine 2, which will also power The Elder Scrolls VI, will hold much of a candle to Unreal Engine 5 in the pure visuals department.

As such, the fan project imagining what Starfield might look like sets a high bar for Bethesda to surpass, especially considering very little of the actual game has been revealed up to this point. Over the past year since the game's official reveal, Bethesda has primarily given glimpses of Starfield concept art or a taste of the game's music, but few detailed looks at what fans can expect.

That, however, will likely be changing soon. When Bethesda announced Starfield (and Redfall's) delay into next year, it also promised that a "deep dive" into the gameplay of the two games would be coming soon. It's likely both Starfield and Redfall will be part of the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12.

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