Starfield - How To Romance Sam Coe

Here's everything you need to know about getting close with Starfield's space cowboy, Sam Coe.


In Starfield, one of your main companion options is Sam Coe, a space cowboy who loves his daughter and hates his family legacy. If you are looking to romance Sam, you will need to appeal to his love, parenthood and justice to have an opportunity to make a move. If you are looking to romance Sam, one of your four Constellation companions look no further, we have all the details on that and his companions quest, Matters of the Hart. Find all of our Starfield romance options and companion guides in one place.

Starfield Sam romance and Matters of the Hart companion quest guide

How to romance Sam: Likes and dislikes

In order to further your relationship with Sam and eventually romance him, you will need to increase your affinity with him. While affinity is not a number you can see in-game, you can see increases or decreases whenever a message appears stating "Sam liked that." That message typically appears after a dialogue option with another character, although spending time with your companion can increase affinity as well. Sam is a good-natured person with an old-school sense of justice. You will typically want to leave violence as a last resort and avoid shaking down people for extra credits if he's your active companion. If you want to romance Sam, always pick the flirt option when available, as it's never the wrong option.

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  • Sam really likes his daughter Cora, so anything positive about her or parenthood is great.
  • Sam hates his family name and its legacy, so avoid using it to get what you want.
  • He likes it when you can diffuse a situation without violence, although he doesn't mind it in the right situation.
  • He likes the Freestar Rangers, so joining up with them and putting justice above all else is a positive.
  • A consistent way to gain affinity is to complete hostage rescue contracts you pick from the Freestar Rangers bounty board in Akila City, as Sam Coe likes when you free the hostage without asking for more credits.

Matters of the Hart companion quest

If you want to be more than friends with Sam, make sure to pick the flirt option whenever it pops up.
If you want to be more than friends with Sam, make sure to pick the flirt option whenever it pops up.

Once you have reached a high enough affinity, Sam will eventually tell you that Cora has something urgent to speak about with both of you. Bring Sam to Cora and she will tell you that her mother, Lillian Hart, is in some type of danger and the two of you need to head to Neon to check on her.

Once this mission starts you won't be able to dismiss Sam as your companion, so quickly head out to Neon. Go to the Freestar Rangers headquarters and speak with Jaylen Pryce, who will tell you that Lillian hasn't been seen in awhile, but she was close to cracking a big case. Search her desk for clues. You will be tasked with tracking down her informant.

In the informant's apartment, you will find one dead informant and a datapad on the ground. This reveals that Lillian is undercover with the Syndicate, sending you to meet with a member of the organization on McClure II. Once you land, Sam will contact Lillian, confirming that she is there and that she needs help getting out. Rush the compound and take out the Syndicate members before heading inside the marked building.

Fight through more enemies before meeting with Lillian at the back of the building. Once it's cleared out and you speak with her, head back to the ship. She will ask you to help finish her mission, which involves getting the coordinates of a cache and using it to lure out a Syndicate boss. Head to Rasalhague II, where you will find the Dumas ship, which you need to destroy and then loot to obtain the information.

The cache is located on Andromas III, just a short walk from the landing spot. Once you approach the marker, enemy ships will begin touching down, starting a firefight. After a few waves of enemies, you will need to speak with Lillian, which will prompt her and Sam to hash out their issues. Once that's complete, Sam will invite you to a palace in Akila City to have a heart-to-heart conversation. This is your opportunity to make it clear to Sam that you want to be in a romantic relationship. This concludes the companion quest, although you may still have a couple of affinity levels to go up before you have maxed out your relationship with Sam, depending on how much else he tagged along for during your adventures.

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