Starfield Has Really Good Potato Physics

Those potatoes do look good as they move.


In Bethesda's Game Studios' Starfield, players can do various things, such as travel planets, role-play, and so much more. But one thing that has gotten the community's attention is how good its potato physics is.

The news comes from Reddit user Moozipan, who posted a video on the official Starfield subreddit with a video caption, "Time To Let Something Go." The video starts off with them picking up a potato on their ship and immediately becoming encumbered. Shortly after, Sarah suggests that they should drop a few things. Following that, they open a hatch and are greeted by a bunch of potatoes falling into the hallway. Once they close the hatch, the potatoes can be seen being pushed out of the way to ensure it shuts.

Although this video does raise the question of why this player has so many potatoes in a single room, most people are in awe of how fluidly they move. With Redditors commenting things such as, "Those spill physics were beautiful" and even "Dang, that looks so good when the door is closing and moves the potatoes around it."

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