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Starfield File Size Revealed, And It's Very Big

Starfield preloads begin very soon, and you may need to clear some space.


With preloading for Starfield beginning today, August 17, the game's file sizes have been revealed--and as you might have guessed, the game carries a hefty install size.

On Xbox, the game clocks in at about 126GB. On PC, Starfield will take up around 140GB of space. This is pretty large, so it's good news that fans are able to preload ahead of launch so they can jump it right when the game unlocks. Preloading for Xbox and Windows PC begins today, August 17, while Steam preloads start on August 30.

Lead landscape artist Matt Carofano previously discussed why Starfield is so damn big. He said Bethesda games are known for giving players freedom on a grand scale, and the idea is for Starfield to up the ante.

"In every one of our games, we always put so much care into all those little details that breathe life into our worlds. But Starfield isn't just a Bethesda Game Studios world. It's a Bethesda Game Studios galaxy. So why go this big with Starfield? Because we want to give you freedom on a galactic level," Carofano said. "A freedom to experience both the exciting planets and the quiet ones."

Starfield releases on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game could have been a PS5 exclusive, according to Microsoft, until the Xbox company swept in and bought ZeniMax. All Game Pass subscribers will be able to play the game for no extra cost.

The game's $100 edition unlocks five days early, starting September 1, but there is a $35 premium upgrade that players can purchase to jump in at that time.

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