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Starfield DLC Shattered Space Gets A Trippy Trailer, New Content Launching Today

Starfield's DLC expansion is coming later this year.


Starfield's first DLC expansion, Shattered Space, got its first trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase. The trailer teased a trippy space adventure dealing with the House Va'ruun cult, which worships the great serpent.

The new expansion, releasing later this year, will include new quests, characters, loot, and more. The main quest of Shattered Space will take place around an abandoned space station, which is filled with dangerous creatures and other worldly beings. The expansion appears to be leaning even harder into sci-fi fantasy. The trailer also teases a cosmic threat, focusing on some of the more ethereal aspects of the original campaign.

Shattered Space will feature a new main planet, House Va'ruun's hidden homeworld, which includes their main city, Dazra. That's along with fresh gear and loot to find and use. Starfield is also getting another update later today, featuring new gear and bounties, alongside the launch of the Creation Kit, which features player-created mods you can download and use in Starfield.

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