Starfield Collector's Edition Smartwatch Spotted In Leaked Manual

The LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch looks like a stylish way to keep track of all the time you'll spend in Bethesda's Starfield.


A manual containing images of a Starfield collector's edition has leaked online, with the Starfield subreddit noting that the document includes images of a special edition watch. Designed by prop company The Wand Company, the timepiece is labeled as the LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch and comes branded with the words "Chronomark" and "Est 2188", to possibly link it to an in-game company within Bethesda's cosmic sandbox

As spotted by VGC, a behind-the-scenes video from June 2021 also briefly showed off the watch, with the two devices being identical when compared to each other. As far as wrist-mounted chronal-logging gadgets go, the LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch seems to be able to at least keep you informed of what the current time is according to where you are in the world, and it sports a nifty white, red, and grey color scheme.

Other features include a barometer, weather information and sunrise, sunset and moon phase info, which it can obtain through a Bluetooth connection to a phone using its Android software.

Starfield's possible collector's edition watch
Starfield's possible collector's edition watch

If it is genuine, then the Starfield collector's edition will likely be revealed closer to the launch of the Bethesda space odyssey on November 11 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. The Wand Company has a history of producing movie and video game props--like a Pokeball replica that you shouldn't hurl at your hamster--and in the past it has worked with Bethesda on a range of die-cast models of Fallout vehicles.

In other Starfield news, a few other tidbits of info were released towards the end of 2021, such as concept art which offered a cryptic tease on the game, non-binary character customization, and a closer look at the settled systems that players can explore.

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