Stardust, Snakeball coming to PS3

Pair of exclusive downloadable titles revealed for PlayStation 3--Asteroids-esque Super Stardust HD, Snakelike Snakeball.


Following news that the PlayStation Network was adding two demos and four trailers today, Sony also let out word that a pair of new games would be coming to the online store. Via the "semi-official" Sony blog Three Speech, Sony revealed that Super Stardust HD and Snakeball would be released this summer.

Asteroids...on steroids.
Asteroids...on steroids.

Super Stardust HD is a new take on the Asteroids-style arcade shooter, and is presented in 1080p. Like its inspiration, players pilot a spacecraft and must destroy flying meteors and enemy ships.

The game features three gameplay types, including a two-player cooperative mode. Pilots will also be able to compare their scores through an online leaderboard. Super Stardust HD will be released in June.

Look ma! No hands...or legs!.
Look ma! No hands...or legs!.

The second game to be announced is Snakeball, which is a modern take on the classic title Snake. The PS3 game asks players to steer a "hoversnake" around an arena to gather up colored balls for points.

With each ball picked up, the hoversnake grows longer, making it an easier target for other players to attack. Snakeball will support the newly announced Eye USB camera, allowing gamers to paste their faces on their hoversnakes. The slithering begins this July.

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