Stardock games heading to Steam

PC strategy game developer bringing catalog to Valve's digital storefront following sale of Impulse; previous purchases nontransferable.


Galactic Civilizations
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords
Sins of a Solar Empire

Longtime PC developer Stardock is known for its strategy games, but it was also the owner of digital game storefront Impulse before selling it to GameStop earlier this year. Now that the company has left the digital retail business, its games are set to hit other download services.

Sins of a Solar Empire will be committed to Steam.
Sins of a Solar Empire will be committed to Steam.

Stardock announced today that its lineup of PC strategy titles is heading to Steam, with Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity available now as the first title. This move comes after years of digital exclusivity to Impulse. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell clarified, "With the sale of our former PC digital download technology to GameStop earlier this year, we no longer have any conflicts of interest in offering our titles to other digital distribution channels."

Stardock's games will continue to be offered via the GameStop PC Download service (previously Impulse). The developer also plans to launch a streamlined Stardock Central client by the end of the year for directly purchasing, downloading, and updating titles.

It has also been confirmed that no previous purchases will be transferable to Steam. Owners of non-Steam versions of Stardock games will have to repurchase if they want to access them via Valve's service.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is available on Steam and GameStop PC Download now for 25 percent off of its regular $19.99 price. The forthcoming expansion, Rebellion, is available for preorder only through the Stardock Store.

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Avatar image for terminus

Glad I bought trinity physical copy, and for hacker groups that have steam hacked in a few hours. I bought rebellion after playing the hacked version, only because I like stardock and love the sins series. But can't stand that I have to a $50+ dollar internet connection to play or install their games. Thanks for the great series I already have bought and own, but I'm done with you and all others that go digital. I hope steam folds and all these people that love steam realize the mistakes they have made in supporting a service that requires an additional 50 plus dollars every month to keep your games. Oh, most of you are living at home with mommy and daddy, so you don't know what's it like yet, well, you will one day.

Avatar image for kyle756

<< LINK REMOVED >> what are you talking about additional 50 plus dollars?, there is no subscription, and in regards to internet connection who doesn't have one anymore seriously are you some kind of caveman. Also Steam has an offline mode and Valve will let cancel licenses if you choose to unlike PSN or Live

Avatar image for Jaga_Telesin

Hypocrisy is so easily overlooked.

Avatar image for nurse_tsunami

I wish they would hurry up and start work on Gal Civ 3 with multiplayer!!!

Avatar image for Gears_0f_L0ve

I'm glad its coming to Steam. All my games are on steam, and its one less software to remember and also have installed.

Avatar image for DoomBlackDragon

Sins of the solar empire is dead to me. So is Stardock. They have betrayed their fans and gone against everything they promised us.

Avatar image for ahpuck

Who wants to sell their games through that STEAMing pile of cow dung? Steam is the worst piece program I have ever installed on my computer. Buy a game and good luck installing it and good luck trying costumer service.

Avatar image for ChaosUndivided

Many hours spent playing this game and recommend for fans of Conquering Turn Based style games adapted to a real time strategy setting. The Multi-player also doubles the fun. If you know someone with an old copy burrow it before buy, cause it does not require the CD to play and can be installed on multiply systems for LAN based action. If you don't then you should still try this game... Note game can be excessively long winded so not for those who don't have any patients.

Avatar image for ThatMikeGuy

Why would I want to transfer my games to Steam? The Impulse versions let me play even if my internet is down. My kids or wife can't play even a separate game on Steam if I'm logged in playing another game. As someone else said, I can play multiple copies on LAN but not if they use Steam. Steam is a great, convenient digital distribution platform. But I don't like those handcuffs. Especially with family where we trade games around and replay them alot. Even with two Steam accounts it is inconvenient. I just don't get why you'd want to transfer your already purchased game to Steam.

Avatar image for Evenios

dont understand why they coudnt have a way to transfer the games you bought with stardock on steam with a code or something :-( would make it easier to have it all in one place...oh well..

Avatar image for Vambran

So no more stardock games? They were know for Releasing games with no DRM but being so buggy you had to get official patches from impulse in order to play them.

Avatar image for eelnarruc

stuff steam.dont need it dont want it. couldnt use it even if i wanted to due to poor internet connectivity. (due to where i live,not what i own so the steam suicide vengance squads can put their knives away!)

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

I saw sins trinity on steam last night as I was loading skyrim and thought to myself "how longs that been on here?" wouldnt want it on steam since impulse let's me use one game across all the computers on my network for epic LAN games But I'm glad stardocks branched out to steam this should improve their sales a lot and they deserve it Sins is one of the best RTS games I've played in the last few years

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All hail the Snathi, the ultimate creations of the Dread Lords. They demand Galactic Civilizations 2 Ultimate from their mortal servants, and also chestnuts, many chestnuts. Teehee~

Avatar image for Strategygamer22

I liked Impulse, and still use it in combination with Steam to get incredible deals (each service has daily deals, and sometimes up to four seperate sales going on per day). Sad to see I can't transfer my games over, however.

Avatar image for AuronAXE

I liked The Political Machine 2008, I hope they make a 2012 version, infact I'll look it up and maybe even email them.

Avatar image for starduke

Good, now I can get it on Steam and not bother with Gamestop's Impulse.

Avatar image for ml_paladin888

:-\ would have been nice to move my sins stuff into steam, oh well

Avatar image for flashn00b

They need to put GalCiv2 on the list.

Avatar image for Zloth2

Wow, times do change, don't they?

Avatar image for gangstalulu

what! no no no no no NO! NO!

Avatar image for KillerJuan77

Release Demigod, that game was awesome but the community died very soon.