Stardock games heading to Steam

PC strategy game developer bringing catalog to Valve's digital storefront following sale of Impulse; previous purchases nontransferable.


Longtime PC developer Stardock is known for its strategy games, but it was also the owner of digital game storefront Impulse before selling it to GameStop earlier this year. Now that the company has left the digital retail business, its games are set to hit other download services.

Sins of a Solar Empire will be committed to Steam.
Sins of a Solar Empire will be committed to Steam.

Stardock announced today that its lineup of PC strategy titles is heading to Steam, with Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity available now as the first title. This move comes after years of digital exclusivity to Impulse. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell clarified, "With the sale of our former PC digital download technology to GameStop earlier this year, we no longer have any conflicts of interest in offering our titles to other digital distribution channels."

Stardock's games will continue to be offered via the GameStop PC Download service (previously Impulse). The developer also plans to launch a streamlined Stardock Central client by the end of the year for directly purchasing, downloading, and updating titles.

It has also been confirmed that no previous purchases will be transferable to Steam. Owners of non-Steam versions of Stardock games will have to repurchase if they want to access them via Valve's service.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is available on Steam and GameStop PC Download now for 25 percent off of its regular $19.99 price. The forthcoming expansion, Rebellion, is available for preorder only through the Stardock Store.

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