Stardock commits Sins of a Solar Empire

Galactic Civilizations II developer to publish space-based real-time strategy from Ironclad Games.


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Earlier this year, developer Stardock Entertainment catered to polite fans of strategy games set in space with its turn-based Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. Now the company is revisiting the genre for those who don't like to wait their turn, as today Stardock announced it will publish Ironclad Games' debut title, the 3D real-time strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire.

The game pits three factions against one another in a race for supremacy that will see them conquering and colonizing planets, developing their own technologies, and managing both empire-wide concerns anf battle tactics. In addition to the game features, Ironclad is promising a wide-reaching backstory for its universe.

"The intention of Sins of a Solar Empire is to be as much the beginning of an epic science fiction saga as it is an evolutionary real-time strategy game," according to the game's official Web site. "This concept is strongly supported by both online and in-game artwork, sound and music, and a plot that extends well beyond the arc exposed in this title."

Sins of a Solar Empire will retail for $39.95 when it is released in August 2007. It will be available at retail locations and through Stardock's digital distribution operation,

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