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Stardew Valley's Next Update Adds 8-Player Co-Op, A New Festival, And A Lot Of Dialogue

The upcoming update doesn't have a release date yet, but you should get excited.


Stardew Valley is getting another major update sometime soon, with a preview of version 1.6 promising a new major festival, two mini festivals, eight-player co-op on PC, and over 100 new lines of dialogue, among other additions.

The preview was posted to Twitter by Stardew developer ConcernedApe, who noted that there's no release date yet for the new content. The preview includes a number of sprites showing off new items and visuals that'll be added to the game.

As well as the new events, ConcernedApe is also adding more late-game content for dedicated players, which will expand on each of the skill areas, as well as new Joja alternatives for some of the end-game content.

Like other updates, 1.6 will also see a number of new items and crafting recipes, and more small updates including new winter outfits for the villagers, a new type of reward for billboard requests, a new farm type, and the tantalizing promise of new secrets to be discovered.

That's all the information we have for now, but keep an eye on ConcernedApe's social media for more on when the new content will drop, and what exactly we can expect to be celebrating in Stardew Valley's new festivals.

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