Stardew Valley's Biggest Update Is Out Now For Consoles

Players on Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 don't have to wait any longer for update 1.5.


Stardew Valley players on PC have been able to enjoy the game's massive Update 1.5 for almost two months now, and today console players will get the update as well. The new update is said to be the largest addition of new content since the game launched, with notable additions including split-screen co-op, a new beachside farm layout, and heaps of new endgame content.

Stardew Valley developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has said that the update is heavy in endgame content for long-time players, but newcomers will still find something to enjoy. The update adds a new beachy farm type, as well as an entirely new island-based region in the game. This comes with a heap of new quests and character interactions, as well as new crops, trees, and farm animals.

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Update 1.5 also adds split-screen coop, just in time for couples wanting to game together on Valentines Day. The update has already received a few patches for early issues on the PC, meaning the delayed console update should already benefit from those fixes. Check out all the details and the full Update 1.5 patch notes here.

Barone has previously said that Stardew Valley 2 may be a possibility in the future, though at that point all efforts were still focused on the huge 1.5 update. We may get more news soon, as Barone has said that he'll decide what to do next with Stardew Valley once Update 1.5 was completed.

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