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Stardew Valley Update 1.6 Is Coming To PC In March

The anticipated update now has an official release date, as Stardew Valley celebrates 30 million copies sold.


It's a big week for cozy farming sim Stardew Valley as the game celebrates its 8th anniversary, with creator ConcernedApe taking the opportunity to announce that major update 1.6 will finally arrive on March 19. The 2016 game also hit a major sales milestone, having sold over 30 million copies since release.

Update 1.6 was first announced in April last year, with more recent updates revealing that the patch will add more new content than first expected, including 8-player co-op, new major and mini festivals, and over 100 lines of new dialogue. Stardew's long-time players will also get to enjoy more end-game content with the new update.

The upcoming patch will launch on PC on March 19, and while other platforms don't have a release date yet, ConcernedApe says console and mobile updates will follow "as soon as possible."

In a follow-up tweet, the solo developer celebrated that "Stardew Valley is thriving more than ever," revealing that the game has now sold over 30 million copies. He also noted a few of the game's other exciting accomplishments, including its touring concert and the upcoming official cookbook.

ConcernedApe announced a new game called Haunted Chocolatier in late 2021, which will see players running a chocolatier inside a beautiful haunted castle. The new game is also being developed as a solo project, and ConcernedApe said last year that he would be putting Haunted Chocolatier on hold temporarily while he was working on Update 1.6 for Stardew Valley.

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