Stardew Valley Patch Improves Marriage and Friendship

Spouses now have unique dialogue during festivals and will stand next you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.


If you think marriage isn't all that it's cracked up to be, then a new Stardew Valley patch may make it better for you--though only in the game itself. The patch improves marriage, in addition to fruit trees, friendship, and charcoal kilns.

Developer ConcernedApe posted the notes to the Steam Community page. The patch will make it so spouses have unique dialogue during festivals, and your in-laws will address the marriage as well. Most importantly, your spouse will now stand next to you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, a festival that features jellyfish migration.

Friendship is improved by no longer decaying when you've reached the maximum level, and the last two hearts of marriage candidates will now be greyed-out until given the bouquet.

Higher quality fruit will be produced as fruit trees age, and like Animal Crossing, you'll now have to shake the tree to harvest the fruit. Charcoal kilns now only require 10 wood to make coal as opposed to 20 before the patch.

Some of the bug fixes include snow yams not appearing in the desert, farm animals no longer getting stuck on fences, and chests not appearing on top of you in bed after finishing a house upgrade.

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You can check out the full list of changes and fixes below:


  • Spouses now say unique dialogues during festivals (most of the time), rather than the generic handful of dialogues
  • Spouse stands next to you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
  • In-law dialogue... when you marry someone, their parents/relatives dialogues will change slightly to account for the change
  • Sam, Sebastian, and Abigail now go to the saloon on fridays after you marry them.
  • Spouses won't leave on rainy days, unless they have to go to work.
  • Fruit trees produce higher quality fruit as they age. (once per year, up to gold star)
  • Fruit tree harvesting now involves shaking the tree to drop the fruit
  • Lightning strikes now have a unique effect on fruit trees
  • Lightning is more likely to strike trees and crops, but lightning rods now have a very good chance of intercepting lightning strikes (if they aren't already processing a lightning bolt)
  • Charcoal Kiln now requires 10 wood to produce 1 coal, down from 20
  • Maxed-out friendship levels will no longer decay
  • Added another digit to the shipping menu money counters.
  • Dying in mines is less harsh: money lost caps at 5000g, rate of item loss reduced, can't lose rings or the
  • Your assigned movement keys are now used within Journey Of The Prairie King
  • You can now retrieve powerups and coins that drop on the edge of the map in Journey Of The Prairie King
  • The last two hearts are now greyed-out for marriage candidates until you give them the bouquet
  • Willy now likes most fish dishes
  • Adventurer's Guild now sells monster slayer rewards after you've unlocked them (you still get the free reward)
  • Hardware mouse cursor option

Bug Fixes

  • Tools left in chests within farm buildings won't count as "missing"
  • Poppy properly consumed in poppyseed muffin recipe
  • Can no longer incorrectly "consume" trap bobbers (click to make them disappear with strange sound)
  • Agriculturist profession no longer causes an extra 25% growth rate when speed-gro isn't present. Speed increase effects should now properly apply to very slow-growing crops.
  • Fixed sunflower seed price at JojaMart
  • Chests should no longer appear on top of you in bed after upgrading your house.
  • Item placement with the gamepad improved, and there is now an option to show an item placement indicator
  • Snow yams shouldn't appear in the desert anymore
  • Sea Cucumber should properly appear in the fishing tab of the Shipping menu
  • Farm animals should no longer get stuck on fences placed directly to the right of the barn door.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Minor changes/fixes to dialogue

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