Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mode Update Coming To PC In August

Everyone's favorite farming game, now with friends.


The highly anticipated multiplayer update for Stardew Valley has been in beta for some time now, but it's about to make its debut on PC sooner than you might think. Rebuild your grandfather's farm with a little help from your friends starting August 1.

Stardew's multiplayer is all about working together. You and up to three other players can create the farm of your dreams, or duke it out with some monsters. Just make sure that when your friends come to visit, they have a cabin to call home.

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Aside from taking on the chores of the valley with an extra set of hands, multiplayer has quite a lot to offer. There will be a new chatbox and emojis to keep everyone on the same page, as well as marriage and divorce. Of course, you can still choose to woo one of the strapping young lads or ladies from Pelican Town, but you can also craft a ring for that special someone online. But if things go sour, there's a way out--all you have to do to divorce or ban a player from your farm is destroy their cabin, just like they destroyed your heart.

Got a friend who's a little wetter behind the ears? Not to worry, another feature is scalable difficulty. You can do this by adjusting scale profit margin or produce sold. This will scale the difficulty of your farm to be a little easier or difficult based on the experience of you and your friends.

With the PC update comes a load of deals you might not want to miss out on, especially if your friends don't have a copy of their own. Starting today, for 24 hours on, you can grab one copy of the game for 27 percent off. Grab two for 33 percent off, and four for 37 percent off.

Keep in mind, this update will only be available on PC through Steam, GOG, and WeGame on August 1. Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, has not announced when the update will come to Switch, Xbox One, or PS4, but we do know from today's reveal trailer that those platforms will see the update soon. Barone previously announced that Switch would see the update shortly after the PC update, but no further word has confirmed this yet.

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