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Stardew Valley Is Adding Bananas Thanks To A Twitter Poll

A new fruit is coming to Stardew Valley after winning a user poll on Twitter, narrowly beating out mangoes.


Stardew Valley is getting a new fruit in its next update, and it's all thanks to a Twitter user poll. The beloved indie farming game will add banana trees soon, meaning you'll be able to grow and harvest the fruit in-game.

Bananas beat out mangoes, avocadoes, and passionfruit, although developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone noted that mangoes were the runner-up on Twitter in a way that suggests that they, too, could come to the game eventually. It's not yet clear when this update will launch, or what else it might contain.

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We know that a big 1.5 update for Stardew Valley is being planned, but bananas could be added in a smaller, incremental update.

This update comes in the wake of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a game where harvesting fruit is a huge part of the experience. Notably, New Horizons features none of the fruit in Barone's poll. Fruits in Stardew Valley can be sold, or turned into preserves or wine.

Barone is currently working on some new projects too, but a Stardew Valley 2 is not planned, even though he is planning games set within the same universe.

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