Starcraft Suit Dropped

Complaint alleging info-seeking registry sniffing on the part of Starcraft developer Blizzard is dropped.


What some would surely call a dark and somewhat distracting chapter in the generally rosy dealings and game creation history of Blizzard Entertainment is about to come to a close, according to Blizzard.

On Monday Blizzard told GameSpot News that the lawsuit filed last April against the company alleging electronic sniffing of Starcraft users' registry information "will be dismissed shortly."

In addition, the spokesperson said that Blizzard had agreed not to download non-Blizzard information of users' registries and will require the same of anyone it licenses Blizzard games to.

The attorney who had originally filed the complaint - alleging that Blizzard had used a program to transmit user information without the users' permission - had not returned calls at press time.

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