Starcraft Sightings Are Out of This World

Proving once again that news on the Net travels fast - if not too fast - reports of Starcraft on Wal-Mart shelves (among other places) are premature.


Blizzard Entertainment took time out from an all-hands bug test of its upcoming Starcraft title to address recent rumors of the game's sighting.

"We're on a bug hunt, trying to squish anything that comes up," Blizzard's Susan Wooley told GameSpot News on Tuesday. Wooley said that while the title's "strike team" of developers, producers, and programmers was hammering away at the beta - addressing bug reports and performing minor tweaks to play balancing - Starcraft had yet to go gold and therefore couldn't possibly be available.

"We're in the home stretch," Wooley added, further stating that Electronic Boutiques' listed on-sale date of February 17 is likely the "target date that sales and marketing staff" had mentioned to EB as a hoped-for date.

Blizzard currently has 30-40 technical staff members working on the title around the clock.

Would she provide a definite date gamers could expect to see Starcraft on shelves? All she would say was that February looked very, very promising.

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