Starcraft Sells One Million

Blizzard gets set to break out the celebratory champagne once again with another big seller.


Blizzard has reason to celebrate today as its third game in a row has leapt past the one-million-copies-sold mark, according to sales information from PC Data's June figures. Starcraft has also retained its number one rank in retail games sold for the third month in a row.

Blizzard titles Warcraft II and Diablo have also sold over one million copies worldwide.

"Starcraft is the fastest-selling launch of a game in Cendant Software's history and continues to be our strongest performer," said Todd Coyle, senior vice president of consumer products for Cendant Software. "We believe the game's momentum is still building. With the upcoming release of Blizzard's expansion set, Brood War, and the localization of Starcraft for European and Asian markets, we fully anticipate strong sales for the remainder of the year."

And you thought you were the only one addicted to Starcraft, didn't you?

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