Starcraft II Pro-Am Tournament: Meet the Pros--Part 1

We introduce the first four pro players entering the ASUS Stracraft II Pro Am online tournament.


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This week the ASUS Starcraft II Pro Am kicks off in partnership with GameSpot AU. But, who's taking part you ask? Here are the first four of 16 professional players who will be vying for cash and prizes. We'll be revealing four each day leading up to Friday's kick-off.


Name: Samuel “Fourby” Tham
Team: Team Carnage
Age: 20
City: Melbourne

Team Carnage’s Samuel "Fourby" Tham boasts an impressive 2nd place finish at the Australian Cyber League Melbourne 2012 Regionals in March. Sam is happy with the shape Wings of Liberty is currently in. He’s worried about Heart of the Swarm because it has the potential to really shake things up, especially some of the terrifying new Zerg features!

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Name: Jared "PiG" Krensel
Team: TT eSports
Age: 23
City: Sydney

The face of Tt eSports in Australia, Jared “PiG Krensel has made quite the name for himself over the last year, as one of the most analytical Zerg players in the scene.

Having competed alongside Xeria Gaming’s Iaguz at the Intel Extreme Masters event in China and consistently placed in the top 3 for the World Cyber Games Australia and Australian Cyber League National events, Jared is looking forward to enhancing his skills with the new units and abilities that will come with Heart of the Swarm.

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Name: Mark “yang” Richardson
Team: Team Immunity
Age: 20
City: Perth

The newest addition to Team Immunity, yang recently attended the Australian Pro League 2012 National events on the Gold Coast and Sydney, where he took 5th place and finally defeated his rival mOOnGLaDe 2-1 in a best-of-three series.

With the way Wings of Liberty has shaped up, Mark is really enjoying the way PvT plays out. He aims for the late-game where he can keep his opponent busy with multi-prong Zealot warp-in's and using Warp Prisms and High Templar to rain down Psionic Storms on opponents’ workers. As for Heart of the Swarm however, he’s looking forward to seeing how much the Protoss vs. Protoss match-up will evolve.

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Name: Cameron "cR.EdgE" Murrin
Team: Carnage
Age: 18
City: Adelaide

Adelaide’s undisputed champion--Cameron "cR.EdgE" Murrin is an 18-year old Zerg player from team Carnage. Unlike many, Cam is most excited for the single-player campaign when Heart of the Swarm arrives. Although most people aren’t huge fans of the Starcraft storyline, Cam can’t wait to see how the next chapter plays out.

Although Cam is often inactive and lacks practice, he has earned the unmitigated respect of the Australian SC2 community for his ability to shine when it counts.

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Check back tomorrow for the next four pro players taking part in our upcoming Starcraft II tournament.

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