StarCraft: Ghost -- See The Leaked Footage Of Blizzard's Unfinished Third-Person Shooter

A Ghost from Blizzard's past returns.


StarCraft: Ghost was originally planned as an Xbox/PS2/GameCube spin-off, a new third-person shooter entry in the StarCraft series. The game was never finished, though, and was only ever seen or played during E3--although it was available on the show floor during some years, little footage exists. Now, for the first time, footage of the game has appeared online.

First spotted by Kotaku, a playable test build of StarCraft: Ghost, stored on an Xbox dev kit, has leaked online. Footage from the game is emerging, showing what the full game would have looked and played like, had it ever released. A video [UPDATE: it's been taken down] was posted earlier showing off-screen gameplay that includes footage of the dev kit menu that the build is being accessed from.

This next footage shows the game upscaled to 720P, and is direct capture footage. The only build available is very much a work-in-progress--it looks like aiming is quite wonky, but it's also the clearest look many of us have ever had at how the game played. It's likely that more footage will surface now that this build has surfaced.

In 2013, Blizzard employee Matthew Burger argued that StarCraft: Ghost had never truly been "cancelled," and that instead it was "on hold". However, the game disappeared after E3 2005 and seems unlikely to ever come back--in 2014 it made our list of Missing in Action games, only one of which (The Last Guardian) has since released.

The game was being developed by the now-defunct Nihilistic Software, alongside Swingin' Ape Studios, which was eventually bought out by and integrated into Blizzard Entertainment.

Blizzard currently has several projects in the works, including Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV. No upcoming new Starcraft projects have been announced.

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