StarCraft champion joins startup studio

Sean "Day9" Plott joins Silicon Valley startup Artillery to work on competitive multiplayer RTS that will be free at launch.


StarCraft champion and web TV eSports figure Sean "Day9" Plott has joined Silicon Valley startup game developer Artillery to work on a competitive multiplayer real-time strategy game. The game will be free at launch.

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Plott joins Artillery as its head of games, along with cofounder Eric Burkhart as head of growth. Along with a group of former Google and Facebook employees, the company aims to "transform the browser into a gaming console."

Plott is a former professional StarCraft player and serves as an eSports commentator for tournaments across the world.

"We are thrilled to have Sean and Eric onboard," Artillery CEO Ankur Pansari said in a statement. "Sean is a major influencer in the StarCraft and eSports communities and it is a huge sign of validation that he is joining our team."

"As a long time player of real-time strategy games, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the team creating an incredible experience using Artillery's ground-breaking technology," Plott said.

Plott's new job will not interfere with his usual Day[9] TV show schedule.

Artillery's first game, which was not given a name, will run in-browser with "virtually no" load time. The company will share demos of its proprietary technology in the next few weeks.

GameSpot eSports reporter Rod Breslau contributed to this report.

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Day9 <3

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So why is this news? turning browser into a gaming platform, are that company joking or did they smoke something we all know they do plenty of over there in Califorpotnia.

Also who is "day9" ? never heard of the guy and i have played starcraft for over 10years?

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@Jacanuk He's pretty humorous.

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@Jacanuk I don't play Starcraft and even I know who Day9 is. He's huge in the Starcraft community, he releases videos almost every day, which go over 100k views. Do your research, he's an awesome guy.

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"transform the browser into a gaming console." Is this a joke?

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browser rts... that sounds beyond awesome. i cant wait to see what the game is all about.

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Good luck!

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Good for Day9. I wish him the best.

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In related news, the soundtrack of Artillery's game will not feature any trumpets.

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day9 <3

No more needs to be said.

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Day9 is a pretty cool guy. He did a thing on Geek and Sundry, which is where I heard of him.

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@starduke Watch the Tabletop episode with him.

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day9 hurts my ears.

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Inb4 Kickstarter.

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day9 is the man.

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@ElDuderino1 Pretty observant of you since he is named Scott ;)

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Day9 is a bau5

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I'm suprised they used 'champion' instead of caster or commentator. Day9 is mostly known for his dailies and SC2 casting, not for his SCBW achievement. We haven't seen much of him lately in events, maybe this is the cause.

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@Anigmar champion can also mean advocator, or strong supporter.

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@nadnerbgalea @Anigmar I know but seemed like an odd choice of words.