Starcraft Beta Now a Reality

Dust off your trigger fingers, Blizzard says the Starcraft beta is a go.


Dust off your trigger fingers, Blizzard says the Starcraft beta is a go.

Blizzard Entertainment will make room for a group of 1,000 beta testers who will put Starcraft through a thorough test of multiplayer components of the title (no single-player activity for the beta).

Blizzard also hopes to confront any bugs in the game's observer mode.

Here's Blizzard's announcement as sent over the wire:

"Blizzard Entertainment announced today plans for an external StarCraft beta test over The company will select 1,000 testers at random from names submitted during a six-hour open registration period currently scheduled for next week. The beta will be multiplayer over only and will not include single player mode. Registration will take place 6:00 p.m. to midnight PST on Friday, Dec. 19 on the Blizzard web page ( Blizzard will notify selected testers via email, as well as posting tester names on the Blizzard web page. Testers will receive a beta CD-ROM when the testing period begins. System requirements for testers include:*Pentium 90 or faster with 16 or more MB RAM

*Mouse, CD-ROM, and a DirectX-compatible SVGA video card

*Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0

*Internet connection capable of running 32-bit Windows socket applications (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer)

*Valid e-mail address"

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