Starcraft and Warcraft-themed amusement park constructed in China

"Joyland World" slated to open doors next month.

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Starcraft and Warcraft fans in China have a lot to celebrate in the upcoming months. An amusement park called Joyland World will be built and will contain sub-parks with rides and attractions based on the hit real-time strategy and hit massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

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Concept art of Joyland World's Universe of Starcraft sub-park.

Said sub-parks will be divided into five parts: Island of Mystery, Terrain of Warcraft, Universe of Starcraft, World of Legend, and Molesworld. The park will also have an e-Sports center and game museum.

According to the Joyland website, the park will be built in the Wujin district and will open its doors on March 2011. While concept art for the theme park is available from the site itself, there are photos of the park site, specifically from the forums. It should also be noted that initial reports state the park isn't officially endorsed by Blizzard.

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A picture of one of the rides under construction, taken last month.

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