Starcraft Adventures in the Works

Warcraft Adventures may never see the light of day, but something better just might.


APRIL FOOL - Last year, controversy hit the Internet when Blizzard decided to cancel a project called Warcraft Adventures. The game was to have taken the characters and creatures from the popular strategy games Warcraft and Warcraft II and built an adventure game around them. Adventures and Warcraft fans protested on the Web, begging Blizzard to bring the project back from the ashes and give it to gamers.

Warcraft Adventures will never see the light of day, but GameSpot News has been told from one Blizzard insider that the company has recently completed design documentation detailing an adventure game based on the company's current best seller, Starcraft. While our source says that the game has yet to be named, our source believes the game will be called Starcraft Adventures. And while the game has yet to reach programmer's hands, it may use some of the original code from Warcraft Adventures. If the game does use code from the previous work, it may show up on shelves as early as March 2000. When we contacted Blizzard, a spokesperson said that the company wouldn't comment on rumor and speculation regarding unannounced games.

As we learn more information about this rumored game, we'll report it as it happens.

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