StarCraft 2's New Nova Announcer Pack Is Hilariously Oblivious About the Zerg

Nova is a bit more familiar with Terran operations.


Another announcer pack is on the way to StarCraft II, and you might be able to get it for free.

Nova is on her way to to the game as an announcer, and the preview clips Blizzard has offered are terrific. The neutral and Terran-specific ones are fairly straightforward, but as a human, she's less clued in to the way the Zerg and Protoss operate. She expresses a lack of certainty in some of the Protoss voice lines, but the Zerg ones are the best. "You have to place that thing on creep," she says in one. In another, she states, "Metamorphosis complete...I think." You can listen to the clips here.

One of the Nova Covert Ops missions
One of the Nova Covert Ops missions

The new pack will be available with the release of patch 3.9. It's available for free to anyone who has purchased the Nova Covert Ops mission packs and the Nova co-op mode commander. Alternatively, you can get it for free by buying a new Super Nova bundle that includes all of that content. It's a dynamic bundle, so the pricing will adjust if you've bought some, but not all of its contents already.

Whichever route applies to you, you'll need to claim the free pack by February 27. It'll be available for sale to everyone else "at a later date."

While the main StarCraft II campaigns have wrapped up, Blizzard still has a lot in store for the game moving forward, as it revealed at BlizzCon.

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