Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Will Feature A Lot Of C-3PO

C-3PO is "very center" to the story of The Rise of Skywalker.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will feature C-3PO in a bigger role. Director JJ Abrams told Uproxx that C-3PO is "very center" to the story of the new film, and that he sees the robot character as being "underused" in the previous Star Wars films.

"He's very center to this story and truly wonderful in it," Abrams said. "[Actor] Anthony Daniels gets to do some things…"

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Unfortunately, Abrams didn't continue that line, though he did share that Daniels "bemoaned" performing a particular scene that he declined to share more about. "I was like, listen man, you wanted this! But he's wonderful in this. I don't think he's ever been better," Abrams said.

But just how much of C-3PO will we see in The Rise of Skywalker? Abrams said the character will appear in "more scenes than he's ever been in."

"It just turned out that the story was best served using a character that has been underused to see a new side of him ... ," he said. "So it was very much a utility, but it felt inspired that you got to see a character in a whole new light."

C-3PO appears in the newest Rise of Skywalker trailer where he delivers an emotional line about taking a look at his friends for what could be the last time. This is seemingly setting up some kind of element of finality as it relates to the character, or it could be trademark trailer deception. We'll know for sure soon, as The Rise of Skywalker comes to theatres on December 20.

Also in the interview, Abrams teased that The Rise of Skywalker will deliver answers to questions that fans have had about certain elements of the new trilogy and wider Star Wars universe. He was asked directly if The Rise of Skywalker will explain more about Snoke, the character who died in The Last Jedi that fans wanted to know more about, but Abrams gave a high-level answer instead.

"I will say, without giving anything away, knowing this movie is an ending is, for me infinitely more challenging than a beginning," said Abrams, who also directed 2015's The Force Awakens. "We knew we needed to provide answers. And while there may be some things that aren’t entirely demystified by the end of it, we wanted to make sure people left feeling that they were satisfied. So I hope, on a number of issues, people will leave and feel like that it’s a true ending and not an advertising ploy. We really are bringing it to an end."

In other news, a new Rise of Skywalker clip was released recently, showing a thrilling chase filled with stormtroopers, blaster fights, and a funny moment between the heroes. There are still a few weeks to go before The Rise of Skywalker comes to theatres, but you can get your Star Wars fix right now with The Mandalorian, which airs weekly on Disney+

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